Bryce Harper Model

Image left shows the Bryce Harper RED Model with Bryce Harper taking a swing at it.

The patented SwingAway® is the most effective and efficient batting training aid for the hitter to get maximum quality swings in the shortest amount of time.  The SwingAway® provides the feel of hitting live pitching, plus it allows the batter to position the ball anywhere in the strike zone.

The batted ball will never be out of control and will strike the next in a way so the batter can see the trajectory of each batted ball. The ball is safely but quickly returned to its pre-set position within three seconds providing instant feedback to the hitter and/or coach.

The batter will be trained through repitition and muscle memory to develop the perfect fundamental swing while learning to hit any pitch location to the appropriate field with increased power.

Pro Class

Just ask Washington Nationals Player Bryce Harper why he endorses and uses the product.

“I've trained on the SwingAway® since I was ten years old and use it today as a pro. I believe it's the most important training aid you should own” says Bryce Harper.

Ultimate Power

The SwingAway® will make you a better hitter regardless of age or skill level.

It is the ultimate power hitting station and pro-class pitchback combination. It develops proper swing mechanics, muscle memory, bat speed, power and confidence.


SwingAway MVP/XXL Full Assembly Video


Features and Benefits

  • Used by all 30 Major League Baseball teams and the top professional, college, high school and travel programs in the country
  • Immediately becomes a hitting station for practice and pre-game batting practice
  • Provides the feel of hitting live pitches without chasing or picking up balls
  • Ensures a perfect swing with each repetition, instant feedback visually and by feel
  • Ball can be positioned anywhere in the strike zone, high, low, inside or outside
  • Includes the SwingAway patented Hitting Training Mat, which teaches proper contact points to hit inside, outside, down the middle pitch locations
  • Promotes a quick and powerful hands inside to the ball, eliminating a long casting swing and other swing flaws
  • Three-second ball return, up to 10-15 quality swings per minutes - 100-150 cuts in only 10-15 minutes
  • Develops proper swing mechanics, muscle memory, bat speed, power and confidence
  • Train year-round Sets up indoors or outdoors, plus folds flat in seconds for maximum portability and storability
  • Converts very easily to a World Class Pitch-Back for defensive and throwing drills